What Little Einsteins Is About And Belives In

Little Einsteins believes that Science Exploration in young children begins with Fun and sets the basis for a lifelong interest and knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Through relatable experiences and stories of `KABI’ the Science Kid and `SASHA’ the Stemette.
We also offer hands-on activities showcasing environmental and health issues in a different, entertaining and leisurely way.

At A Glance

  • We work with children between the ages of 1/1/2 and 12.

  • We focus on Project Based Learning.

  • We teach STEM using entertainment and other innovative methodologies for children to retain valuable, educational information.

  • We encourage participation by children.

  • We promote good health and environmental awareness.

  • We encourage experimentation as a learning tool.

  • We leverage the scientific process as a way to learn and discover.

  • We foster a love of science while developing children’s creativity, problem solving skills and self-esteem.